Aesthetically I am inspired by nature’s infinite combinations of form, light, texture, atmosphere and rhythm. I find richness in the weather and weathered objects, in the land and its layers, in the wind patterns, waves and great rock formations found on Earth. They seem to speak volumes on time, regenerate cyclically, all the while telling a profound story. I am also fascinated by the myriad of cultures that have existed in our shared human history. In first attempting to understand new perspectives in my paintings, I explore the seeds upon which any theme of interest was founded. Through investigation of the environments and more intimate ecosystems in which they were cultivated, a culmination arises in the form of a unique series. Through this continued form of discovery I see parallel processes, in which analogous threads of humanity are woven.

Hearing these perspectives, one might begin to notice; I am a Geographer, first by inclination and later through education. In painting I attempt to visually express a personal atmosphere discovered through immersion in many diverse environments. More specifically those of which I have been exposed to through: travel, music, sport and nature. I often use my camera as a compositional tool upon which I collect ideas. From there I build layers of light and color, mixed with patterns that emphasize rhythm, vitality and some sense of dynamic balance. Additionally I find the process of teaching to be a continually inspiring form of recycling ideas, a discovery of new avenues for creative expression.